Enchanted Bedding for Your 4 Legged Friends

I know this has the SNOOzZzONE Pet Comfort System, but does it come with any of the specialized interchangeable layers? Or do those have to be purchased separately?

I’d just like to say that I have the Enchanted Home Pet Chevron Tote, and it’s pretty well made - it’s a solid box that doesn’t collapse when pups shove their snouts neck deep into it looking for a toy at the very bottom! I managed to find it on a different site that had an issue with the listing and showed that that was the price for 3 of them, not just one. After writing to them twice explaining that my order was still missing a piece (they sent me one at a time), they updated their website so that it was just one for that price. But my pups like them and know where all their toys are kept!

Purchased separately