Enchanted Home Pet Beds & Cat Scratchers

we bought one of these when it was on back in the spring, in hot pink fake suede, but is identical to the zebra or black one. Our little diva, a bengal cat is in it constantly, as we put it beside the fireplace. The beds are perfect for a cat, but unless you have a really small dog, You’d never get it in there. It’s the perfect size for the cat or yorkie

Measurements on the scratchers would be nice.

Cats really love to sit in those curved cardboard scratchers; be warned however that they are very messy. Piles of cardboard shreddings everywhere.

The dog couches seem like they would even be good for a toddler’s play room, can anyone confirm the size?

These pet beds are cool, but what I really need is a dog crate that could double as an end table, i.e., it looks nice in a furnished living room. My dog really misses her crate since I moved, but it’s such an eyesore I don’t want to set it up. What are the odds, Woot, that you will be carrying it?

I have seen these before. Just google it. It is $$$$. But short on space that would be worth it.

No joke. I tried to find some elsewhere online and came up with nothing. The prices aren’t so special that I’m willing to jump without them.

On the Cat’s Pajamas scratcher, is it one piece stair stepped or is it three pieces that can be used separately? Not a cat owner, so can anybody tell me if they have any experience with this brand for their cats? Thinking of Christmas gifts for my “grandcats”…