Enchanted Home Pet



WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too small! I guess I still can’t get my couch back. :frowning:


These are the cutest thing ever!!! They do seem to be for smaller dogs but they are perfect for my 2 lap dogs. Love them!!!


Is it bad that I want to buy one of the chaise lounges for my nephew?


I thought the same thing, then it occurred to me that in order to get my big-azz dog off the couch, I’d need another couch almost as big as the first one.


My husband will litterally Kill me, when this arrives, like we don’t have enough crap in our house already, and the cats probably won’t use it… but I’m going to say 'everyone on the woot msg board loved them!"


I hear ya. I live alone, have a HUGE sectional sofa - and the dog still lays atop my legs. I cannot have chairs as I spend all my time endlessly trying to convince him that only one of us fits.

I wish the elliot lounge came in people size. I like the look of that, though not so much the animal print (IDK - leopard dog/leopard sofa… sure).

Love the dog stuff, but more BIG dog stuff, please.


my dog is 80lbs, but i bet he would still try to squeeeeze his way into one of these things…


We already have these in our house, they are called our couches…

Also too small for any real dog. 12 pounds is a cat or a rat…


Hoping my 48 lb boxer/Shepard mix and her sister “Pancake” will fit in the elliot, since it’s on it’s way…my dogs are treated like the royal family’s messiah.

Dog’s rule, most people drool :slight_smile:


Hmmmm, I think this will work for 1/3 scale Dollfie Dream!


If there is a 12 lb. limit, why would they use a dog that’s obviously bigger than 12 lbs. in the picture?


My dog is around the same size but is only 12 pounds. She’s mostly fluff so she looks bigger.


Joss and Main is having a sale on some of these exact dog beds today also…but their “discounted” price averages about $15 more and I believe their shipping is double and some of their beds are selling at their higher prices. Too bad they have no blog to let their people know to come here…


Do those dog models look stuffed to anyone else?


Why in the world would a cat sleep on one of these as opposed to on our heads? (which is apparently The Best Place Ever from a cat’s perspective)


I’m happy to know that my cat, Josie, is not the only cat that apparently feels that way! Her favorite night time path is around to the far side of the bed, so she can step on my boyfriend’s head to get to my side. She then settles in to sleep, you guessed it, ON my head. Crazy cat.

FYI: The weight limit on the Elliot Chaise is 60 lbs, not 12 lbs as mentioned previously.


As Ron Swanson would say, “And get rid of the yorkie. Anything under 50 pounds is a cat, and cats are useless.”