Awww that’s charming. =D

Three awesome shirts in a row? Are you trying to make me spend my entire paycheck on woot products?

Any one else have “Little Shop of Horrors” cross their mind when they saw this?

I don’t think this shirt color goes well with my complexion… :\

Not my color, but cute design.

Nice one.

Let’s hope that’s not a fireball spitting one. Otherwise Mario’s about to get a face full of owie.

Every time time I say I’m done here , they pull me back in! Arghhhh I loath the woot. I truly loath the…

Awesome shirt though, thanks for 10000000x time now. I swear my wife is going to leave me…

Too bad he’s not playing one of those block flutes from Super Mario 3. But it’s still awesome

Careful with that warp whistle Mr. Snake Charmer, you may end up in Bowser’s castle.

Ones with that vine/mouth angle spit
Ones where the mouth opens in line with the vine don’t

its like the plant is singing to mario and mario’s the one who’s hypnotized!!!

looks like the plant wants to kiss Mario

Such a great shirt, another that makes me say it’s a shame there’s not choices on the shirt color. Gonna have to pass, cream doesn’t work for the males in this house. I hate when that happens, cause I’d have bought 3 otherwise.

Sweet bread shoes, Mario!

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How Woot Works: Printing our Shirts


My husband wants today’s shirt - I want the shirt in the podcast video! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool design, but the color!

Not a fan of cream colored shirts.

LOL it’s half way between Doki Doki Panic and Super Mario Bros 2