End 2016

There’s a goal…

Unhappy Old Year! It’s not ending a moment too soon!

I’m looking forward to the New One! :slight_smile:


Thanks, FB. GREAT design.

I’m pretty sure that this fantastic design could be marketed successfully to the majority of this country, as well as all music lovers everywhere.

Is standard shipping going to get this to us before the end of 2016?

No guarantee.

Expiration date is less than 2-weeks.

Why do all of these holiday type shirts come out two weeks too late?

I just made a similar comment? Why don’t these shirts come out at the BEGINNING of December? I would actually buy one (or three) then.

I had it in my cart, but looks like I won’t be able to wear it to work on 12/30/2016. :-\

Just need to get through 10 more days. Thanks for printing my design, woot!

I think I can code that shirt myself.

But I don’t know if it’s Responsive. How will it show on tablets and Macs?

So this shirt is basically outdated in ten days… probably before it’s shipped.

How about…**
< /world >
as we know it**

EPIC FAIL < /Woot!>

I don’t know about that. The shirt seems to be selling very well. (Apparently, there are plenty of Wooters out there who want to remember what an insanely crazy year this really was… especially for political bizarreness.

I’d definitely buy one if it would arrive by the 31st. I’d be the coolest Tech geek at our New Years party.

I SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT! I paid $20 overnight shipping charge for 2 shirts I ordered on December 10th! According to account summary it was due to be delivered on December 19th which is NINE days after I ordered it (that was last night’s status on the 20th without any tracking number)…I wrote last night and they refunded the $20 in overnight shipping charges.

No idea when it will ship…tonight it still says estimated date of 12/19. This happened last year as well. They just don’t handle December deliveries as well as what they do the rest of the year. :frowning:

So it looks like a Christmas present will be late AND the Christmas sweater may arrive after Christmas??? I had hoped they had gotten more organized this year. …not like I can buy something before they offer it for sale…

Love your designs fishbiscuit5…just wish they had offered it last month so we would have at least time to wear it before the “end”…

Hopefully shirtwoot will review these comments and maybe put designs out MUCH earlier in 2017 so we can wear holiday and special occasion shirts in the month we’re supposed to wear them in.

I <3 ShirtWoot…they just need to set their calendars ahead a month… :slight_smile: In my whole life I have never owned as many t-shirts as I own now … thanks to the awesome designers here!!