End-of-the-Year Get It Out of Here

Are there cargo pockets on these?

I know that the list price is normally bogus, but the one for the soccer goal is ridiculous! It doesn’t bother me, I just think it is funny :slight_smile: I have been thinking of getting something like this for my granddaughter, but since right now sticks and cones suffice I can’t swallow paying a whole lot. I couldn’t believe anyone would pay even $100 for something like that. I looked it up and on Amazon it is the exact same price now, with a regular price listed at $39.99.

Also, the reviews aren’t very good and it sounds like it might potentially injure someone when opening it.

I assume you’re asking about the tactical shorts. If so, I zoomed in on the product photo, and these do appear to have cargo pockets on both sides. Hope that helps!

Personally I like the fact that the skateboard and maxi scooter are selling for more than double the retail price… =P

I love ya Woot!, but Dick’s has the Zero Gravity Soccer Trainer for the same price and free shipping…

Be advised that the Mako magwell grip/funnel is NOT compatible with aftermarket trigger guards without some modification. If you have the curved Magpul trigger guard or similar, you’ll need to take a chisel or pocket knife to this to make it fit. Also, if you have an AR imitator such as the Sig Sauer SWAT, you’re out of luck.

Dear Mr./Mrs. Woot,

The $250 list price on the popup soccer goal is absurd. Your daddy is selling them for the same price with free shipping AND they say the list is $39. Perhaps you meant 10 of them?

C’mon now…a little proofreading is in order.

Yea, I’m gonna pay a hundred bucks for a plastic skateboard…especially when Amazon is selling the exact same board for $60.


Talk about being either, a), out of touch; or, b), trying to gouge your customers who USED to think Woot was the place to save $$…

14% off Arc’teryx list price? I feel like I can do better with an REI coupon.

Re adult trike - walmart selling for $378, less than Woot???

I don’t think it’s the same model. but I wouldn’t be surprised if you found it less somewhere. Thats the norm anymore.

I can’t tell if it’s the same because the names differ, but I’ll lower the price - better to be safe than sorry. And, we’ll contact the wooter who purchased one to make it right.

Thanks for catching that. We work hard to make sure we are the lowest, but occasionally comps will drop after a sale launches or slide under the radar if named differently. We can adjust if the situation allows and we are alerted to it.