End Of Year Random Clearance

OK, so, experts: what’s the difference between the zip-up hoodie and the jersey zip-up hoodie other than 10% polyester?

Is it more like the light-weight hoodie?

I was about to ask the same thing.

Me, three.

Awww…I was hoping for random onsies. I need something cute for my little one since the ones I originally ordered were shipped back instead of forwarded. =(

From what people have said in other threads, jersey hoodie sounds a lot like the lightweight hoodie.

Shipping starts on 12/31. That means it is officially too late for me to order before I leave. Kind of sad, because I was thinking about a pullover hoodie. I love the last one I got.

And is it a two-pack?

That’ll teach me…ended up at the American Apparel website via search to confirm the difference between the two. There are definitely NSFW model images at that site. O.o

Also, is there a list of designs used for each category?

I’m getting a shirt and ipad case for sure, but I want to see if there’s any good ones for the hoodies.

Trade your unwanted randoms here

Thirty minutes in and nothing has sold out yet? I purchased a pullover hoodie as soon as I saw the sale just in case my size sold out.

Thank you!

I may have to sleep on this one. I do like the lightweight hoodies for layering.

Size large for AA long sleeves sold out early.

I’m wearing a jersey hoodie right now. It’s basically a zip up long sleeved tee with a hood. I find it a fantastic layering piece for winter, and perfect for when a light layer inside would be nice (it’s 20 degrees outside right now, and I’m wearing it over a regular t-shirt, and that with my winter coat was good for me).

I posted this in last week’s side sale:

*Some product info:

  • The jersey zip hoodie is a lightweight hoodie, so think t-shirt material. The sizing runs small on these, so you may want to consider going up a size or two versus the t-shirts.

  • The pullover and zip-up hoodies are medium weight fleece, and is better suited for colder weather. The sizing is more “standard”, so you may want to consider going down one size versus the t-shirts.*

To elaborate just a bit more … the lightweight hoodie (not available in this side sale) is a tri-blend fabric, made in the Dominican Republic, and by Alternative Apparel. The jersey zip-up is a cotton-poly, made in Pakistan, and by Tultex.

A list of products and who manufactured the blanks:

Random Tee 2-Pack - Anvil
Random Zip-Up Hoodie - Gildan
Random Pullover Hoodie - Gildan
Random Jersey Zip Hoodie - Tultex
Random Long-Sleeve Tee 2-Pack - American Apparel
Random Unisex Tank Top - American Apparel
Random V-Neck Tee - American Apparel
Random Tri-Blend Tank - American Apparel

Went straight here to check for a Narfcake post with which shirts were AA~

Small, Medium, and 2XL were still available when I looked at the long-sleeve shirts, and by the time I checked out medium had already been sold out as well~ Luckily I got my two-pack of small long-sleeve shirts, hopefully they’ll be designs I like!~

Tragic! Mostly because there just don’t seem to have been very many non-random long sleeves out lately… which, I guess, would explain why there weren’t many here, either.

This is the first time I’ve managed to get here before Random Totes were sold out. Usually by the time I check Woot (9am EST) the totes, zip totes, long sleeves and a few other things are gone!