user is storefront213


actually isnt that bad I called the user that is running it… He is literally explaining how he runs it and how it works… lots of potential…



LOL i dont recal a trademark or anything especailly when the user is also stating where idea was obtained nothing illegal with that lol

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Not to mention your BOC thing is a scam.

Did I mention Burn?

LOL the good thing is… They also stated in there forums they dont have any restrictions to users content so there information is contradicting lol


I’m not sure this is a burnable thread. Gatzby will figure it out.
I’ll just add a controlled fire. Just because I wanted to use the picture.


is this locked yet?

nice fires…

Guess not

Not locked… but OP blocked (for 53 more hours as of this posting)


My turn?

you can burn too

Probation, don don don…

Grrr, I got 100 hours!! The mod is a big vag.

was it worth it?