Ending the SuperSecret shirt sale early...

I don’t see discussion anywhere else, and deal discussion doesn’t have much related to shirts, so thought this might be an OK forum for this question?

It seems that the currently offered super secret shirt deal (Shirt.Woot) no longer honors the super secret coupon noted on this page. Probably good to either end the sale and note it on this page, or reactivate the coupon so it will work as advertised. Currently I am getting “Oh no! It looks like this coupon is all used up!” messages and I would wager others are too…

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It’s not working for me either. I didn’t see where it was limited to the first x amount of customers. I tried the android browser and the app.

@Lady5tark @ThunderThighs

(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)

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Looks like the coupon ended at 12am this morning (2/6).

@Lady5tark will have to chime in as to whether that was to plan.

It didn’t end early, it was only for the firs 5000 customers and that was communicated in the marketing through special deals channels…

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Ahh. I couldn’t find where it originated and the deals sites I did see were quoting the end time on the t-shirt page.

I couldn’t guarantee they were going to post the t’s and c’s…I also couldn’t make a forum post about it, because it was supposed to be ‘super secret’ for deals partners…you weren’t supposed to know about it! lol…jk…

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Someone always rats it out lol.

Well, for reference this is what the one that came up at the top of my google search showed.