Endless Pearl Necklaces

Images are too small to tell if all of these are hand knotted between each and every pearl, or not. It’s a little more obvious with the round pearls than it is with the traditional freshwater (bumpy) ones.

Also, pictures of how each falls on a model would have helped.

I’m between the FGE-111 7-7.5mm 80" and the FGE-95 7-7.5mm 72". Why does the 80’ necklace both sell and retail for less then the 72" necklace. And yes pictures of a model wearing would be nice. I would like to see if they knot well. I had a different long pearl necklace which I returned as it was knotted so tight between each of the pearls it was too stiff to wear with a “big” knot.

How do these endless pearl necklaces compare to those from Peter North?

Or maybe they don’t have a clasp, and that’s why they’re called “endless.” Just maybe.

Now 'm confused… do these have a clasp? Or are they the endless strands you wrap to adjust the layers/length? There isn’t a clasp visible in the pictures, but the clasp comment has me confused now…

I like the Splendid Pearls FGE-83 9-10mm white freshwater pearl endless 80" necklace BUT I can’t see any information regarding its quality, is it AA or only A?

Is there no mod who can answer this question? Please do chime in, Woot, if you’d like these to sell. Thank you.

I’ll ask the buyer again.

Cool, thx bud.


These are endless necklaces that can be wrapped - there is NO clasp.


These are A quality pearls with slight blemishes but nice luster.


The different size ones are not knotted however all the round ones are individually hand knotted.