Endless Preparing For Shipment [resolved]

Why does Woot not respond to problems with an order? (8) days later and my order just sits there Preparing For Shipment. Amazon has plenty of the ordered product on their website. I have emailed (2) twice now Woot CS and it is just crickets. There is no way to get hold of anybody in CS. Really don’t want to ever use Woot again as they have already taken my money and do not respond back or are ignoring my issue. Any suggestions from you guys? Should I just do a charge-back with my credit card company? Should have just bought the item on Amazon in the first place instead of dealing with all of the BS from Woot.

  1. Multiple emails risk running the tickets being closed as duplicates.
  2. Have you checked your spam folder?

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

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For sure it’s not in any spam folder. Also on my Woot order history it just shows Preparing For Shipment Estimated delivery date: Saturday, November 18, 2023.

There is nothing else - no tracking, no emails, - nothing. What ticks me off is that there is no response back from CS. More time being wasted and no communication back. Rediculous.

Quick question, is the email address on your Woot account the same as the one listed in your Prime account?

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They are different. I check both E-mail addresses several times a day. Also all of my past orders were processed and received OK. So, there is no problems regarding Email addresses. It would have shown Shipped on my Woot Order Page for this order also.

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Just to clarify the (2) E-mails I sent to Customer Service were more than 48+ hours apart. I gave them plenty of time between or after to respond back.

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Hi there. This is being shipped by Amazon so we’re pretty much at their mercy. At this time, they’re still showing that they intend to fulfill the order.

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What I don’t get is that Amazon shows currently in stock for this item. Also used Prime for shipping with Woot, so why is there no way to get some kind of actual shipping time? On my order page it states the shipment is suppose to arrive by Saturday which is impossible. Do I have to contact Amazon now? Since it was bought through Woot, can’t Woot CS look into it?

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Yeah, I don’t try to understand the mysterious way in which Amazon works. But, we don’t take from their inventory willy-nilly. Inventory is flipped over to our account and sold from that. So they can show it in stock and we can be out of stock. That doesn’t seem to be the case here though.

We have limited visibility into Amazon’s shipping processes. All we can see right now is that they haven’t issued a cancel on it. I’ve asked them to look at it though. Will likely be later this afternoon before I hear back.

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OK - Thanks for doing that. I appreciate your help ThunderThighs.


Hi there. CS says they’ve emailed you asking if you want to cancel or wait. New ship date is 11/20.

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Got it - I’ll wait for the shipping on 11/20. Hopefully it gets shipped. Thanks for your response. Also appreciate all of the others that responded.


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