Endless Starry Night

Brilliant design! awesome shirt

Some Discworld love. Very nice!

The turtle looks like its happily soaring along.

Such a knowing eye…and so obviously ready to fly/or swim straight off the shirt into other realms. Congrats spiritgreen.

The Great A’Tuin! Fantastic!

The Turtle Moves.

A shirt fit for a wizzard! Nicely done.

My love for this shirt is neverending.

They even managed to convey the Aurora Coriolis. I wish I had a second torso so I could wear two of these.

This could be the new uniform for the Unseen Academicals!

Hell yeah Discworld. Killer artwork Spirit and best of luck today!

Yay! Congrats and good luck with first day sales!

Love the shirt. Great colors, love turtles, Discworld, and Van Gough. Very nice job.

Our presses handle octarine ink, BTW.

Congrats Matt! Killer design, we’ll deserved.

Sweeeeeeet, congrats!


I’ve been looking for a discworld shirt for a bit. In for at least 2

Of course most of the people that bought (and probably voted for) this shirt are from the hippie states.