eneloop 8pk AA with 4-Position Charger

well I sure hope its here before Christmas!

in time for christmas?! sweet!

If I order this now, will I be able to get it before Christmas? I’m ordering from a Mac if that makes a difference.

Oh man I’m going to need that two day shipping if it’s going to get here in time for next Christmas!

lol, please rush mine for X-mas!!!

mod: is there priority 1-day shipping for Easter? :slight_smile:

I’m so glad I’ll be able to get these in time to give them for Xmas gifts. Woot! to the rescue.

Just what I needed, two day shipping, for Christmas 2014

Is there REALLY that much of a rush for Christmas?

GLITTER! pretty pretty glitter

What the hell? I just paid $23.99 for this exact product through tech.woot like 4 days ago! Does woot do price adjustments?

And… The Christmas tag has mysteriously vanished.

Now with the Quantum Shipping option, for an additional charge, Woot will cram your batteries into a higher dimension and ship them to the past!

No one mentioned Christmas yet…oh wait everyone did

Price is $19.10 with PRIME shipping on Amazon, crappy deal.


Oooooooh, SPARKLY!

They were just testing to see who was awake.

that’s just batteries…

Aren’t you supposed to be asleep about now?!

I agree, must be a crappy deal. Even after they fixed the picture, there are still 100% left. ;D