eneloop 8pk AA with 4-Position Charger

**Item: **eneloop 8pk AA with 4-Position Charger
Price: $15.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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In for one, I’ve been putting it off but what the heck–I’ll join the recharge revolution.

When you use your eneloops do you use the red ones last?

Decent deal. I paid $37 for a similar kit from the mothership a few months back.

Previous discussion

tl;dr Great batteries, crummy charger.

woot, give us some AAA eneloops too please!

These are seriously good batteries. They stay charged for a very long time when not being used and deliver a great punch of current when in service.
At ~$2 a battery, this deal is the cheapest you will find a battery of this quality.
I have this item from a side deal a couple of weeks ago and added them to our eneloop stock but would never use the included charger on any eneloop since it has no automatic charge shut off. The manual says to let it charge for about 15 hours. That’s asking for some fried, awesome batteries. Use an eneloop charger to get the most of these batteries.
Even subtracting the charger, the batteries alone are worth more than the deal costs.

And the batteries sparkle. You forgot that part.

I was going to pull the trigger on this but because I know Eneloops are typically white, I looked up the colored Eneloops on Amazon. One comment said that the colored Eneloops were a limited edition released in 2010, so if you get these you are getting batteries that are already 3 years old.

This Woot still might be worth it for the price, since a 4 AA + charger is around $18, but I’m going to think about it a little longer.

I actually broke out the laptop considering buying this. But, I just bought an 8-pack for $20.19 and got Prime 2-day shipping. With Woot’s shipping, I’d have to at least buy 2 to bring the per-battery cost below my previous purchase. Close, but no cigar.

I’m a total eneloop convert, and this is a terrific deal. I gave away this charger to a kid who likes to break things, and I’m using the LaCrosse Alpha Power. Totally happy.

Is this the first item? The blog no longer has previous items, so I can’t see what I missed. The blog is all articles and videos now – why? Why doesn’t Wootalyzer cover items from the other sections, or why aren’t there Wootalyzers for them? And if Woot can find so much stuff, why did two-fer Tuesday disappear? Why are so many things going wrong?

Not sure about the 2010 vintage but I received mine from a Woot! side deal last week and charged them with an eneloop charger.
They charged for about 30 minutes and the charger went idle.
If they were sitting on a shelf for 3 years, it would have taken several hours or more to peak charge them.
They just weren’t dead enough to be sitting on a shelf for 3 years.
We have been using eneloop batteries of one type or another for maybe 6 years and know how long it takes to charge one that is badly needing it.
Love those batteries!



Costco has a deal surrently $19: 8aa, 2aaa, 4 adapters (2c and 2d) and a real Sanyo charger

Unfortunately that’s also a crummy charger. (Only slightly less crummy.) Your batteries will work better and last longer if you get a good charger.

If you need the AAA’s or will use the adapters, that’s probably a better deal. You do give up the special edition glitter covers on the batteries. (As TT points out! :slight_smile: )

I think there is little doubt the Costco deal is better (although it is perishable…it is $19 because the have a $4 discount working at the moment). $4 more (not counting shipping, so could be $1 cheaper assuming tax consequences are the same for your situation) gets you 2 more batteries (remotes, etc.), the adaptors themselves are not cheap (usually run a couple of bucks each) and the better charger.

I would think a branded charger from the company that makes the batteries would be significantly better. Not comparing it to a Lacrosse, but comparing it to the no-namer generic one that Woot jams with these.

I’ve been using eneloops for years, have some of the Costco ones, some of these woot ones, other brands, etc. I can say consistently that the Eneloops are superior to most of the stuff at big box stores (these are made in Japan; most of the Duracell/energizer/etc stuff is Chinese). I have a lot less batteries that die when we are talking eneloops where the others die with regularity. I will say though that I don’t completely understand a scenario I face, which is (and this is on eneloops) my high dollar lacrosse tells me they are “null”
(dead) when I put them in, but a few days later I can try again and the charger suddenly recognizes them and charges with no issue. So I guess if you think you have dead ones, wait a few days and try again!