Energetic 4' LED Shop Light Fixture

Good Evening Everyone! My name is Rob and I represent the manufacturer of these lights. If you have any questions, let me know!

Also check out our BlueTooth Shop Light in the “Plus Event” section.


Are bulbs included

I bought this light for my laundry room. They sent me one that needed to be hard-wired, so we just rewired it to be plugged in. It’s nice and bright. I love it. (I did go on and buy others that could be plugged in in from another source for the rest of the basement and I love those, too.)

Are these light and bulbs cross-compatible with standard flourescent bulbs and fixtures? I’ve a lot of fixtures and would consider the bulbs as I expect they would perform better


I don’t think so. I replaced all of the fluorescent fixtures in my basement with these.

Thanks for the reply. Apparently Rob is on his morning Java break.
I think I’ll wait on these as I suspect the “get in” cost to be too high given the length of time to recover the expense in electric usage. Now…IF they come out with a LED bulb that is backwards compatible with my current fixtures, I’d more likely pay for that.

Good Morning,
The lights are built into the fixture. Bulbs are not needed ever with this fixture.

There are no bulbs needed with LED Integrated fixtures. Bulbs are ancient history!

Keep an eye out for other Woot events. We have bulbs that are compatible with your fluorescent fixture on here!

I have two old fluorescent light fixtures in my kitchen with four bulbs connected to a light switch. Is it possible to replace them with these? Current fixtures are mounted into ceiling and controlled by a switch.

If you live in an area that has a ReStore (Habitat for Humanity shop), go see if they have pallets of shop lights similar to these. I just picked up a couple for $14.99 each: 5000k, 40W and much brighter than the fluorescent they replaced, have plugs, and can be daisy chained.

Plus you’re helping support HfH at the same time. At that price point it was a no brainer. I asked the manager if any had come back DOA and he said maybe 2 or 3 out of the 4000 he’s sold to date.

I’m sorry, These fixtures are not ceiling mount ready. They must hang from chains.

How old is old – more than 8 years? T12 tubes (about 1-1/2" diameter) or T8 tubes (about 1" diameter)? Are the fixtures using a magnetic ballast or an electronic one?