Energetic 4' LED Shop Light w/ Bluetooth Speakers

Good Evening Everyone! My name is Rob and I represent the manufacturer of these lights. If you have any questions, let me know!

I’m wondering how these Bluetooth speakers sound and if they connect dependably. Not expecting super high quality sound, but if they’re buggy, it will drive me crazy.

If you have several of these in one large room or in adjoining rooms, do the Bluetooth speakers sync together or are there delays or lags between the multiple speakers

These actually have a good sound. There is no buzz, easy to connect, and I personally purchased one and put it in my garage.

These do not sync multiple at the same time, but if they’re in separate rooms they work independently.

I replaced all my florescent lights in my garage with some cheap LEDs (3 ft for $15, they also had 4 ft for $20) and the difference is astounding. And I probably don’t even have them optimally positioned.

I’m going to wait on a fancy bluetooth light for my work bench area however, until they design them to synch with others, in case I decide to invest in multiple lights…or until the price comes down significantly.

Can these be direct wired and ceiling mounted?

Can these lights be hardwired or are they plug in only?

Good Morning,
These lights are not able to be ceiling mounted. If you’re an electrician, and know how to hard wire, you can do it, but these come standard with a plug and it’s not recommended to cut the plug and hard wire.

They are meant to be Plug In only, but electricians (although not recommended for safety reasons) can cut the cord and hard wire the fixture. Note that these are not ceiling mount fixtures. They are meant to hang from the provided chains.

Hi you still haven’t answered the question of speaker syncing. If I put 4 in my shop can they all be synced to play to the same music from one phone.

Or how do they communicate with each other to stay in sync.

These fixtures do not sync. You will only be able to hook up to 1 fixture at a time.

The Energetic Lighting Bluetooth Shop Light has a total of 12w (6 per speaker).

I bought the non-speaker version of this light during the last Woot-Off and quite satisfied with it. The hood does prevent light from reflecting onto the ceiling so the room seems darker when not under the lights. Under is amazing though!

I’m going to wait to hear from the Woot!ers buying this with speaker. I’ll most likely pick one of these up next round unless reviews are not favorable, then I’ll just get the plain light.

Also, I received my non-speaker light about 2 days after ordering and it was packaged and delivered in excellent condition. I unpacked it, hung it on my existing chains (replaced a fluorescent fixture), plugged in and “let there be light”.

Last, since I have this in my wood workshop, I do not have to worry about the bulbs getting shattered by a stray 2x4 falling into it.

Excellent product and excellent Woot! shipping!

Do they have an aux in and/or could and aux in be easily added?

How long is the cord (to plug it in) cause I’m putting in an outlet for it. (A week until I receive the light) Please help!