Energetic 4' Shop Light or Strip Light

Spec sheet: http://energeticlighting.com/images/flyer/sls.pdf

I’m with Rob on this one. I had one tube fail on a shop light about 18 months after I bought it on Woot. These guys made good on their warranty and paid for all shipping. I wish other companies valued their customers as much as Energetic Lighting.

Thank you!

I bought 2 of these last time they were offered to replace the old 80 watt fluorescent tube lights in my garage. They out perform the old lights by far. My only comment is that I wish the switch cords were longer, as they are only about 6".

Is there a link to the installation instructions?

I’m particularly interested in the surface mount. If I have existing surface mounted lights, can I just use these to replace them?

And they’re linkable - does that mean I only need one power source? If so, that would be friggin awesome.

Curious, how come you wanted to convert them into the strip? Just looking for some more details on why to pick one over the other.

LED shop lights are great for barn or poultry houses where there is dust. The LED lights operate at a low temperature and nearly eliminate any fire hazards that typical florescent tube lights pose. Good price in double bulb shop lights.

Rob and Energetic lighting have superb customer service. The last time these were offered I received one of the 8 I ordered DOA. I did some troubleshooting and discovered the light driver was bad. I e-mailed Rob and told him of the issue. He offered a replacement lamp assembly, but I told him all I needed was the light driver. They shipped it promptly at no charge and did not ask for the old part to be returned. These lights are great and I now own 11 of them and my garage is VERY well lit.

Thanks Rob for the great service.

Bob B.

I just completed the installation of three of the strip lights end-to-end in my garage. They turned out great, work well, and look good. The ceiling junction box shows a little bit on each side as the narrow body of the fixture does not completely cover it. But this is a garage, so no worries. Here is what I learned in installing these fixtures:

  1. Discard the instructions. Don’t even look at them.
  2. The four screws that hold the lamp to the base are worthless. Find some small 3/8" r 1/2" sheet metal screws to use instead.
  3. These fixtures are well made. The lamp assembly is extruded aluminum.
  4. To add additional fixtures, use 14 or 16 AWG stranded hook-up wire. Pick up some black, white, and green wire at your local hardware store for under $6 each in 20 or 25 ft packages.
  5. While these fixtures are fairly light in weight, I would not trust the small wall anchors provided. Use some 65 lb. rated self-drilling screw-in anchors instead.
  6. The wire nuts provided work well as long as your existing junctions don’t already have more than two wires joined. Reuse the existing wire nuts in this case, provided they are not damaged.
  7. To add additional lights, use 6" of hook-up wire to bring the connections into the fixture and connect the additional wiring within the first unit. Once all the bases are connected to power, then attach the lamps to the base.

This was about a 3 hour job but would have gone faster had I not had 12 ft ceilings.