Energetic A19 LED Lightbulb 18 Pack

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Energetic A19 LED Lightbulb 18 Pack
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I replaced all of the bulbs in my apartment with these over the past year. Electric bill’s never been lower. Note that this lot isn’t dimmable, so if you have a dimmer, you’ll want to wait for a lot that is.

Wish I could report the same satisfaction with Energetic… I also replaced many of the bulbs in my home with Energetic A19 LED Light bulbs when Woot offered these in a 12 pack in April 2016. One by one, they all failed (save for one, and 'Ol sparky hasn’t been switched off since the day she first lit up my life -er, utility shed). The rest of them had to be replaced. Lots of flickering, particularly if the ambient room temperature dropped below 70. Also a pretty delayed light after hitting the switch on the wall.

I’m sure they saved me a few dollars on my electric bill over the year, but coming out ahead is a long game -and these weren’t cheap ($46). I’m very happy with the CREE Soft white dimmable 60w replacements.

I’ve had mostly good experiences with these bulbs over the past 2.5 years. I’ve seen a few fail in the bathroom perhaps due to too much moisture in there as I can not get everyone else in the house to understand the importance of the exhaust fan during shower time. Perhaps it’s time for auto on fan switches! In the rest of the house I haven’t replaced one yet.

Philips has a 16 pack on amazon for 24.97


$1.56 per bulb and dimmable at Amazon…


And these are phillips so we know they’re going to be great. Thanks for the link.

I bought these less than a year ago and three have gone bad. None were enclosed or outdoor. These get VERY hot because there are no heat sink fins. Good bulbs have prominent fins (or vents like some Cree bulbs). My thermal camera showed that these bulbs get to 170F on the outside. Inside, the components are much hotter. The LEDs and the translucent bulbs don’t get very hot. The base does.

Why, oh why, are they always SOFT WHITE? Why no daylight?

Cheaper by the dozen

But there’s this.

Good Morning Everyone! My name is Rob and I represent the manufacturer. If you have any questions, please ask. Have a great day!

Oh Good,

I get to leave another comment about HOW HORRIBLE these bulbs are. Not only will 30% not work out of the box, but the rest will last less than 1 year even in ideal conditions. “Don’t worry they have a warrantee, what could possibly go wrong” These idiots from China won’t pick up the phone. No response from company. EVER. You can trust me random woot buyer or Company Representative number 34 who is present and responding… PS he won’t work for this company next week.

If you need to reach customer service, you can email me directly at rjones@energeticlighting.com We are based in California, not China

The “cheaper by the dozen” link is for a 6-pack for $22. Is there a different link you meant to post?

I got a bunch of the 800 and 450 lumen bulbs in August 2015. They’re in every room in my house, and I haven’t had a problem with them. They’re all in open fixtures though, so take that as you will.

Sure, there’s a ~0.2 second delay between flicking the switch and having them turn on, but… so?

I bought these maybe 2 years ago. I have 5-6 to return that are already bad. The rest work well though…

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA You are a subsidiary of YANKON-Xiamen… Yes I have heard of that place in California… (sarcasm)

Who are you trying to kid/trick???
Maybe YOU, the middleman, are in California. The manufacturer (Energetic) is in China.
Even their website says so, with ONLY a distribution center in California:

And I notice woot doesn’t mention China in their description, or show the part of the box that says Made in China.

An even better deal if you do subscribe and save - if only for one shipment - then cancel.

Thanks for the link.