Energetic LEDs

Are any of these screw in types rated for enclosures? Meaning can I put them in a enclosed fixture? Since many LED’s are not rated for enclosed spaced.

Are the 6" downlights suitable for damp locations?

We bought some dimmable Triangle Bulb 6W LED GU10 bulbs at the mother ship for $45/6. They are 400lm - so not as bright as the 500lm these say. We really like them. They are definitely brighter than the halogens. I calculated that we would save the $45 in less than a years time (~50/year) not including the A/C part. Found on-line that for every watt saved you save 0.4W in A/C cooling cost so another bonus. I measured the enclosure temps and they went from ~170F to ~70F. So, this summer they will help with the A/C.

Found the energetic website and the candleabra bulbs are rated for enclosed fixtures. Not sure if you were talking about those but heres a link if it helps…

Good Afternoon. As long as the enclosure gives the LED bulb an inch of room on each side, they should be okay and last it’s full life.

Good Afternoon! These Downlights are damp location approved.

Good Afternoon Everyone! My name is Rob and I represent the manufacturer of these bulbs. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Have an Energetic day!

Howdy, I need some LED floods for some outdoor automatic lights. It would appear that none of these are appropriate for that kind of fixture. Is that correct?

You are correct. None of these are the right kind of bulb.

Hiya, Energetic Rob!

I am wondering if the two-post LED lights (ELY07D-MR10S-VB MR16 500) are compatible with Seagull Lighting 2-post fixtures? The bulbs I am hoping to replace are Type T-3, P/N 97102

Thank you very much!

Good Afternoon. The bulbs you have currently are a bit different than what are on Woot today. The bulbs we have today are an MR16 with either a GU5.3 or GU10 base.

Just wondering about the stability of the company and products. I’ve gotten bulbs from some companies in the only to not be able to get them again when I needed to.

Hi EnergeticRob, would the ELY05D-GWCE-VB G16.5 E26 Standard Base LED Bulb be well suited for an enclosed 3 bulb ceiling fan?

Good Morning,
Energetic Lighting is the manufacture of these lights. Energetic Lighting produces around 100 million LED lights per year, and can be found in major retailers throughout the US. There are distribution offices on 4 continents, with products in dozens of countries around the world. For more information, please visit energeticlighting.com

These lights will do very well in a ceiling fan. However, they may not be the brightness you’re looking for. If the fan is used to light up a room, I don’t recommend these lights. If it’s just to have some area lighting, then this may be a good fit for you. Have a great day!

80CRI led lights, NO THANKS, don’t need washed out colors.

Walk into your local home depot and you can get similar bulbs for a lot less. I don’t get it.

Will the downlights fit into any 6" can and will they fit in smaller diameter cans?

HD employee for almost a decade chiming in, here. This statement is not true in all locations. If the local power company isn’t sponsoring a markdown on these bulbs, you’re not getting them for cheaper than these prices. Full retail for comparable products is a few dollars or more expensive than these.

Also, gotta echo one of the other commenters above. 80 CRI is not that good. But for perspective, most LEDs and CFLs are in the 80s. I really wish manufacturers would care about CRI. I just picked up some Cree TW-series 60-watt equivalent soft white LEDs and the CRI is 93 and they look great.