Energetic Lighting 3' LED Shop Lights (4-Pack)

Energetic Lighting 3' LED Shop Lights (4-Pack)

Are the bulbs replaceable if needed? Let’s say one is bad; can it be replaced or must the entire fixture be replaced?

If this is the same style I have then the bulbs are not replaceable. They have a single 3ft “bulb”.
These are not really great in a shop or garage IMO. Mine work great in a walk in closets and some storage rooms.
A better option for a garage or shop is the dual bulb 4 ft version on Amazon a 4 pack is only $10 more ($59) and is 3600 lumens so much brighter. There are a couple of brands at that price.

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LED bulbs for this are not replaceable but they have a lifetime rating of at least 35,000 hours.

I agree… bulbs not replaceable.

On the other hand, I purchased this brand before in 4’ length and am VERY PLEASED!!
Plenty of brightness and used in the garage, and did I say… BRIGHT
Very Happy with my previous purchase, …
… but these 3" shop lights have much less lumens at 1,300 verses my purchase at 3600Lm

Overall though, very pleased with product performance and quality in my previous purchase.

My previous purchase…
Energetic Lighting ELYSL-5001C 4’ LED Shop Light Fixture

  • Watts: 48W
  • Input Voltage: 120V
  • Initial Lumens: 3600Lm

I almost almost pulled the trigger on these before any comments were made. Then I went to the MotherShip and found that these weren’t even listed there. But there are 4 footers listed there for $10 more. So there’s that…