Energetic Lighting 4' LED Shop Lights (4-Pack)

Energetic Lighting 4' LED Shop Lights (4-Pack)

if you purchased these previously and were coming back for more please note these are not the same as sold a few weeks ago. these only have 3500 lumens instead of 4200.

Anyone know what color these are in the K terms?

These are 4000K light. That’s been added to the features.

You are thinking of a different brand. This light is from Energetic Lighting and has always been 4000 lumens.


Does anyone know if the LEDs are properly shielded? I have a wi-fi controlled sprinkler system and I don’t want to get lights which will mess with that or my garage doors. I have had a bunch of issues with recent LED containing devices throwing much more interference than they should.

I have this light and five of the strip lights from this company and have no issues with my garage door opener. I even have router in the garage for my security cameras and have no issues with it.


Thanks for the info! Ordering now

Are these Cool/Bright White LED or soft white?
Never mind, just found out that 4000K is soft white or neutral white.

These aren’t linkable I guess? Damn.