Energetic Lighting LED Bulbs, 6-Pack

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Energetic Lighting LED Bulbs, 6-Pack
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Here is a pretty large discussion thread

Time to learn all about Energetic Lighting

I purchased a few of these 2 weeks ago & placed them all in our dining room light fixture. Much to our horror they all buzzed, not just a little, but a lot. Eating dinner sounded like there was a swarm of bees in the attic. I love LED bulbs from other manufacturers, but Energetic has done nothing but disappoint. Do not recommend.

Does that light have a dimmer? These aren’t suitable for lights with dimmers.

What is it with these lame 40 and 60 watt equivalent bulbs? C’mon, we are saving enough energy. Give us some 100 or 150 watt bulbs. I want to be able to SEE!

No dimmer, and its not a problem with the fixture, other LED bulbs work great.

I bought a 6-pack of the 8.2 watt bulbs the last time they were offered. Replaced a bunch of 75w incandescent bulbs and don’t really notice the difference. Other than the half-second delay when I flip the switch, they’re fine. No buzzing in any of my fixtures. I think they’re a good deal and am in for another pack. Your mileage may vary.

I bought 6 of these bulbs as well. One didn’t work out of the box and the other 5 burned out in less than 6 months. They were not used in a dimmer or enclosed fixture. I contacted the company… and this guy participating in the discussion and neither would respond. THESE BULBS ARE TRASH. DON’T BUY.

They like to respond and threaten consumers with legal action. Here’s my experience with Energetic:


To be honest, after reading the comments on your link, I did not see where you were being threaten with legal action. The vendor appeared to work promptly to address a customers concern. In this kind of situation, I would expect their legal department to be involved. (What do you supposed would happen if another customer lost their life to a defective product and their lawyers determined the company did not do everything necessary to identify a possible defect?)
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with either party in this discussion.

Fair enough. I and some others interpreted it as a subtle threat but I can certainly see the other viewpoint. As you saw in the discussion there were people who supported my decision to deal solely with Amazon and there were some that felt I was wrong to not return the bulbs for replacements. At this point I can only share the information and let people decide for themselves.

Many fixtures are not LED ready, especially older ones which may cause the buzzing in your fixture.

Believe me, you’ll be able to see!
I bought the 800 lumen bulbs and put 3 in my powder room. Almost suffered retinal burns. Bought 450’s to replace them. They’re not as bright, but brighter than the 60w equivalent CFLs originally there.
The 800s are now in the bedrooms, basement and laundry. 450’s are in the baths and hallways.

I bought 6 of these as well. I think they are a solid “B”. We were stumbling in the darkness with compact fluorescent bulbs (and changing bulbs every week it seemed). These are a welcome change - we can see. Color rendering is not as good as Cree or GE, but hey at this price - they are good. I have an older house, so not all fixtures work properly, but all that will now change.

Journalist: Mr. Lennon, what is your opinion on the future of light bulbs?
Mr. Lennon: LED it be.

Since I am in a mood for terrible light bulb jokes - here’s another one.

Just like 2 heads are better than 1, so are 6 LEDs.

Question: Have you received any ACTUAL legal action from the company, or just the sideways suggesting that the rep was going to include the company’s legal team in the loop?

i’ve had six of these 8.2 watts since the woot deal last october (or close to that). installed all six of them immediately, and have had absolutely zero problems with them. some in globe fixtures, others in lamps. plenty bright (two lamps fill a room very well), zero noise, and <1/2 second delay. the cfl’s before them were noisy, took a good minute to fully brighten, and burned out every few months. these are (or were a year ago) great led’s.

I have received no legal notice since the last contact. I asked them to clarify the intent behind that message, hoping it was just a misunderstanding but didn’t receive a reply. Form whatever conclusions you feel are appropriate.