Energetic Lighting LED Work Lights

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Energetic Lighting LED Work Lights
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Good Morning Everyone!
My name is Rob and I represent the manufacturer of these lights. If you have any questions, let me know.

The 3’ and 4’ Shop Lights are chain mounted, plug right into the wall and are designed to replace 1 and 2/3 fluorescent lamps.

The Bluetooth Shop Light has the above features, and comes with dual speakers (1 on each end).

The Dual Headed Work Light has multiple functions. Each light head operates separately for a single 30 watt use, or a double 60 watt use. Each light can pivot in multiple directions, including up and down. The fixture raises as high as 70 inches and as low as around 2’. The top of the fixture holding the two light heads can detach for portable use. This fixture is damp rated and works in cold weather as well.

This fixture has significantly less heat and is designed to replace up to a 300w quartz halogen fixture.

On the 3 and 4 foot shop lights, what color is the light output? 4000k, 5000K (daylight)?

All of the Shop Lights are 4000K
The Dual Head Work Light is 5000K

Are the shop lights actual bulbs or led covered strips?

How many “bulbs” are in each 4’ shop light fixture?
How many “strips” are in each 4’ fixture?

Can these “led bulbs” be replaced??

Is there any warranty??

Sorry…new to LED.

All of the fixtures have built in lighting and do not use bulbs. These fixtures come with a 5 year warranty. Both 4’ fixtures have 2 strips in them and have a wide beam angle for a nice spread of light.

Two questions. Can the 3 or 4’ fixtures be daisy chained and there is no chain included, right?

Thank you.

With the warranty, I’m in for 4 of the 4’ fixtures.

The chains are included, but these are not made to be daisy chained. These are stand alone fixtures

Awesome! I think your going to be very pleasantly surprised at how bright and nice these are.

Do you have the spec’s on the actual light input voltage? I see this assembly is a 120vac fixture, but assume that there is a voltage converter inside to step down to 12vdc. Could you confirm the actual lights are 12vdc?

These fixtures are all plug in and work only on 120v. There is no converter to step down to 12v.

Is this also true of the stand light fixture?

The Dual Head Work Light does not have light/diode strips in them, but the lighting is built in. There are no bulbs in or required with this fixture.

So does that mean you can’t replace anything if the built-in lighting burns out?

I’ve seen other brand 4ft lights that say they use 40W but are 4500 lumens. They are about the same price Why does this use more power and put out less?

The strips and driver can be replaced in the event it fails. However, with the life average of these fixtures, you can expect over 10 years if only used a few hours a day. The warranty on all of these fixtures is 5 years.