Energetic Lighting LED Work Lights

Hello Everyone! My name is Rob and I represent the manufacturer of these lights. If you have any questions, please ask!

I post every time I see this deal come up . . . Get these lights!!! I have the 4’ LED and the work lights. Both are excellent and worth their money.

4’ LED - Bright, instant on. What else to say?
Work Lights - Just be careful when closing the legs . . . the scissor action will catch your finger if you aren’t paying attention.

Hi Rob!

Are these non-ballast? Also are they dimmable? I need both of these options. Thanks!

The shop lights are non dimmable. The Dual Head Work Light has 20/40w option of light. They have independent on/off switches. LED fixtures do not take ballasts. They have built in lighting. If you need a dimmable fixture, I recommend our strip light fixture found in the lighting sections page in this catagory. That fixture is dimmable (note it’s 0-10v dimming, not standard).

Do the shop lights include mounting hardware?

How long is the cord on the shop lights?

Are the bulbs replaceable?

Can these be powered off one another (daisy chained)?

Does energetic lighting sell the hook and chain mounting kits?

Can the 4’ w/bluetooth one be hardwired instead of using the plug extension?

Yes. The chains are provided with the shop lights.

The cord is 5’

All of our fixtures have built in lighting systems that don’t use bulbs (bulbs are a thing of the past). The shop lights are not daisy chain, but the strip lights feature on woot currently are daisy chain option up to 8 fixtures at a time. For all of our fixtures, all mounting hardware is included. That would be for the shop lights, strip lights, and surface mount fixtures.

Sorry, these fixtures are only meant to be chain mounted with use of the plug.