Energizer 200 Lumen LED Headlamp

Energizer 200 Lumen LED Headlamp

I had bought a regular battery operated headlamp on a whim and stuck it in a drawer thinking I am not ever going to use this.

Ha! Power went out a few days later and that night I put my trusty headlamp on and could move about the house without issue and had both hands free - it was well worth the $

Imo a normal battery operated one would be best for these types of situations so you wouldn’t have to worry about recharging, but to each their own.

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Just like the camping lanterns, this is really only good for a very short term emergency.

Since it says “2 hours”, that probably means 60 or 90 minutes, at best.

And there’s absolutely no way that a 200 lumens beam reaches out for 60 meters. No chance.

But, at $9.99($26.99 at the mothership - ridiculously overpriced), it’s not a bad item for a very short term emergency item.

That is why I suggested go with the battery operated

A good suggestion.

Wasn’t responding to your suggestion or disagreeing with it. Apologies if it appeared that way. Was just stating my thoughts and opinions about the product.

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I know you weren’t, just chiming in again bc of the 2 hrs

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