Energizer Advanced AA Alkaline Batteries - 100pk

PLEASE!!!Stop promoting the wholesale use of non-rechargeable batteries! We need to phase these OUT and use re-chargeable to help our environment. These end up in landfills more often than not!

Thank You!

I may be in the minority, but I recycle my alkaline batteries. Some devices don’t function properly with rechargeable batteries and require the use of alkalines.

Get a life!!!I can buy anything I want. You don’t have to approve of it! Do you realize the infinitesimal amount of space or so called toxicity that consumer batteries generate! Get over it!!

Haggle over this: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/246960845_The_environmental_impact_of_disposable_versus_rechargeable_batteries_for_consumer_use

PLEASE!!! Stop promoting the abuse of exclamation points! We need to take OUT our copy of Strunk & White to help our writing. Too many exclamations undercut your credibility more often than not! Thank You!

These are made for the Canada market only. The closest thing in the US market is the Eco Advanced, and they’re not really the same thing. Aside from shelf life, these are better than both the Eco Advanced and the standard Energizer Max batteries.

Here’s the data sheet:


And the data sheets for the Eco Advanced and Energizer Max for comparison:



This is probably due to the voltage on rechargeables is slightly less than akaline. Generally 1.2v versus 1.5v