Energizer Advanced Lithium AA Batteries - 20

Energizer Advanced Lithium AA Batteries - 20

Can anyone splain to me the diff b/t the Advanced and Ultimate versions of this product? (eg wrt the internal formulation and mAh capacity) TY

Near as I can determine…

Ultimate (L91) is current model

Advanced (EA91) is considered obsolete


Please NOTE, these are NOT RECHARGEABLE (they are not lithium-ion).
Do not attempt to charge them, (could explode - will definately overheat).
Knowing all that, I’m IN FOR ONE.

I’ve been using Energizer Ultimate Lithium batts for decades b/c they work fine at low temperatures unlike other non lithium batts. And yes, ur correct that these are not rechargeable. They are one and done. Guess I’ll avoid Advanced, and stay w/ the Ultimate version.

I bought these today thinking this was a good deal. Found them at Costco today for $2 less.