Energizer Aluminum LED Flashlight

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Energizer Aluminum LED Flashlight
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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You can never have too many flashlights. This is a fact.

And on the first day of the woot-off, the woot gods said, LET THERE BE LIGHT!

$15 flashlights of equal or greater quality can be found at any hardware store

Too bad this seems to be more of a small pocket flashlight. I could use something with a little more heft to it.

Absolutely! I probably have over 20, but can never find one when I am in need, so I keep on ordering!!

I was wondering where you were Cowboy Dan. This is my 3rd woot-off and you’ve been here every time.

Need some more light for sure…

Well, gang … it can only get better. $15 buys a LOT of flashlight, esp. if you’ve got Amazon Prime … or can find a Home Depot …

I’m pretty sure they put these things in here just to give themselves some breathing room in a WootOff

I’ve got around 15 flashlights. But, this one is different.

This bites. I’m moving in a few days and have no place to have stuff sent to. No beater Kershaw yesterday, no flashlight today.
I’m torturing myself watching the Woot-Off!, watching all the shiny things I can’t buy :frowning:

This seems expensive for what it is.

Count yer blessings … and yer $$'s!

Welp, might as well go to bed. Maybe these will sell out by quittin’ time tomorrow.


Its a nice basic flashlight but I kinda expect more from a woot off flashlight. Like it should at least blink if not transform into a light saber.

Anyone know how many lumens these flashlights produce?

UGH… it’s sooo not my luck! A double woot-off and I have to get to bed early! Oh well guess I won’t get to buy a Roomba or Dyson vac tonight… LOL Night all and Best of luck Wooting! :slight_smile: