Energizer Energi to Go Portable Mini & Micro USB Charger – 2 Pack

Reviews @ Amazon

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Energizer-Energi-Instant-Phone-Charger/dp/B000JD09P4

How long do you have before you have to recharge them??

They were giving these out for free last summer in Chicago. Worked well. Used a couple of times before I lost it.

I read some reviews, with normal rechargeable AAs you can get 1-2 full charges depending on your phone.

No HTC Android? I wonder why.

BUYER BEWARE: These ONLY work with the higher-voltage (and consequently, higher price Engergizer Throw-away Lithium Batteries). Do not buy these thinking you’ll toss your dollar-store duracells in them, they don’t work.

My Nexus One (Android) uses a standard micro-USB charger. Unlike those uptight Apple guys who get all proprietary…

I used to use one of these. Since it uses two AA batteries, it lasts longer than portable chargers that use just one, but it was also heavier and bulkier than my phone so it was just awkward to take with me.

bought these last year, not that good, did not give the phone a decent charge, problem was the batteries inside the unit went dead before the cel did.

Reviews at Walgreens: http://reviews.walgreens.com/2001/prod2614591/energi-to-go-mini-micro-usb-portable-charger-for-cell-phones-reviews/reviews.htm?sort=rating

NOTE: Recharge [NiMH] batteries wont work with mini USB portable charger

Energizer Question and Answers on these: http://www.energizerpowerpacks.com/us/services/questions-answers.html

If you have an HTC most of their phones use Micro USB for charging, so these would work. (Or should!)

The reviews of this little thing are on the ‘really good’ side.

With the ubiquitousness of car chargers and extremely cheap adapters of all sorts these days, this battery-powered gizmo seems a bit superfluous.

Will they work with rechargeable NiMH batteries?

and then there’s this.


That seems a little weird that it wont work with “HTC Android,” especially seeing as most HTC phones (regardless of their OS) use micro USB to charge…

Each Woot includes 4 Lithium batteries! That’s $3.99 for 4 lithium batteries, plus two chargers. That’s cheaper than buying 4 Lithium AAs alone. The only issue is the $5 s/h … but if you buy 3 Woots (6 chargers and 12 batteries), it becomes a bargain again.

I’m definitely in for 3 Woots even though I’m not quite sure what these chargers do…

Might be good for a camping trip… you know, when the car battery goes dead… no, not to recharge the car, but when you pick up the phone to call AAA and find little johnny used up the last of your cell phone power playing Angry Birds.