Energizer Hard Case LED Flashlight and 10 AA Batteries


Alan Wake: in for 3

The batteries alone are probably worth the price…

I was hoping to see some real actual field tests on this.

Reviews at wize


You know how things are always “batteries not included?”

This woot makes up for that. Buy 3 to make up for all those other lonely battery-free impulse electronics purchases.

I love LED flashlights like these. If I were needing more (already have a set of Garrity LED flashlights, also sold here on sellout.woot), I would snatch these up in a heartbeat.

Plus the fact it comes stock with 10x AA alkaline batteries is a rather big win in my book.

Too bad the $5 shipping carries a lion’s share of this item, so be sure to buy all three to make it worth your while.

Hmm… really tempted because 10 batteries at that price is a good deal. And toss in the light, that’s a great deal.

And if I go in for three, that’s 30 batteries and three lights. Seems almost a no brainer. Am I missing something.

Bonus comment: I have a lot of ENELOOP rechargeables that I put in devices that get frequently used (cameras, radios, etc.). But I don’t like using ENELOOP batteries in devices, such as emergency flashlights, that stay stowed in a glove box for example.

So this deal makes even more sense, simply to get the batteries that can be used in all my little-used electronics.

It is a good deal just for the batteries. And by the way, we’ve found that you can get batteries very cheap on EBay, especially rechargeables shipped directly from Hong Kong or regular ones from anywhere if bought in bulk.

Good time to make use of that coupon burning a hole in my pocket!


I own this flashlight and it’s amazing. Really really bright and just all around good. I’d highly recommend it.

amazon price for the flashlight w/o the 8 extra batteries is $7 (from a third party):

I have this flashlight, this is a decent enough price. Not really much to say about it other than it’s a flashlight, you press the button and it makes light. Though compared to my LED Mini-Mag though this one is a tad dim, but if you’re in need of a flashlight this one will do just fine.

Well my own comment talked me into it, so just bought three.

Batteries sealed the deal because at Walgreens, for example, 30 brand name AA batteries are typically $20 on sale.

So toss in three sturdy flashlights that are good for the car, motorcycle, etc., this is a good deal. Not fantastic, but a sensible one, especially if you need AA alkalines for the low power/use devices.

I’ll use the AA batteries in my clocks, remotes and other devices where I can get one to two years use out of each set of two. Heck, some of my clocks use one AA battery and last about three to four years.

On Monday I was waiting for somebody else to finish their shopping at a hardware store, and found myself browsing the flashlight aisle. Considerate of Woot to set up this particular sale for me.

In for 3, using the coupon!

I had these for a while as emergency lights. It IS very bright. It also is built like it can take a beating and then some.

It’s not terribly good at focusing the light at a spot from a distance, though. Light scatters too fast; it doesn’t have the “bright spot” like the traditional flashlights.

Thanks JasonElvis! I totally forgot about that coupon till you mentioned it… so I’ve ordered three. I’ll keep the batteries and a light, the rest are good stocking stuffers or something.

No offensive but where do you people buy batteries? Around here(Central NJ) Supermarkets ALWAYS have Alkaline AA+ AAA VERY cheap on sale like $1 for 4 or $1.49 for 8, sure they usually are ‘second tier’ brands like Kodak, or Eveready or Panasonic but you can find them cheap.

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