Energizer Hard Case LED Flashlight


Woot: 1 item, 1 minute, don’t hesitate.

don’t run it over with your car.

Another stocking stuffer just for jtherron :slight_smile:


I’ll only get this if it comes in a box of crayons


Only 6 lumens???!!

these aren’t real bright, but are very rugged, and bright enough to be handy.

I got 3 in a previous woot.

What’s up with the low quantities of everything tonight? I reload the page and I’ve already completely missed one or two items. This is almost less fun than last night when the site wasn’t loading at all.


Only 6 lumens? That must be a typo.

this is traumatizing. i’m an old man. i can’t take this new woot every 37 seconds sh*t.


All I wanted was the monkey and the woot off lights But my Internet is down so I been wooting off my iPhone all day! I guess it’s too slow :frowning:

me too me too

Decent light for 6 lumens.