Energizer Hard Case LED Swivel Flashlight

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Energizer Hard Case LED Swivel Flashlight
$7.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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too dim…

Not compatible with any operating system at all!


I wanted the screaming monkey.

Works for me, although I really could have used this before the last hurricane swept through town and there was not a flashlight to be found in any store. Amazon is selling them for $37.43.

Mywoot.net is not working.
What’s the best way to keep my woot refreshed?

promise you’ll marry it;-)

Yeah, I just looked there. But if you look at the reviews, one guy returned his because it was an “older 35 lumen model”, instead of the “newer 80 lumen model”.

Woot model=“24 Lumens”? Hmmmmm :-/

Rating: 24 Lumens

Waste of money

Ya I guess I asked for that one huh.
Seriously tho, is there another site that keeps woot updated


You mean like this one?


Having owned 3 of the other Energizer Hard Case flashlights, all 3 main LEDs died on me within the first 6 months. The blue and red never did. Ugh. Skip this woot.

Yes yes yes. Thank you!