Energizer Hard Case Professional LED Headlight

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Energizer Hard Case Professional LED Headlight [New] - $17.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Energizer TUFHD31PH Hard Case Professional LED Headlamp with 100 Lumen Cree LED

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This thing looks HUGE. How much does it weigh?


How Heavy is it?

I need to know what it weighs too. I want to strap it on my flying monkey so he scream in the air in the middle of the night.

IF those were rechargeable lithium ions maybe == pooh enerzizers nah

Also, does this have voltage regulation to keep the LED at maximum output right until the batteries totally die, or does it just fade away as the voltage drops. This is a critical, missing, piece of info.

How hard is it to replace the LED? Since this comes with 2 extra red and 1 extra green LEDs, is it safe to assume that these will burn out quicker than the clear one?

Data sheet.

Product Website.

These are great for grilling. I don’t mean grilling the headlight, I mean wearing while you grill. I don’t mean grilling yourself, I mean grilling food on a grill and being able to see if it’s done or not.

Could use this thing for our basement! Lights never work down there anyway.

We use these at work when installing radios in cars and we have to see up under the dash


Almost twice as much at Amazon

Good timing woot, I’m shopping for camping gear and a headlamp was on my list.

Or augmenting your “grill’s” blinding sheen? As in metallic teeth? As in WTF? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I’m just being silly.

I liked the video, but two flat screen tv’s and desktop computer that they smashed would have been a nice fill for a BOC instead of the inflatable rings that I got.

Here are some threads with more info on this headlight:


hahah the pod cast was hilarious !

201.5g (7.12 oz)
(without batteries)

Looks good. I’ll probably remove the middle strap and put it on my dog for night walks. The light combined with the rattle of his collar badges means he’ll be easy to find should he attempt to escape.