Energizer Hard Case Professional LED Headlight

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Energizer Hard Case Professional LED Headlight [New] - $14.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Energizer TUFHD31PH Hard Case Professional LED Headlamp with 100 Lumen Cree LED

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$28.99 on Amazon

how bright are they?

This is great for grilling at night…not grilling the light, but seeing what you are grilling which might be a light, but is more likely meat.

i grabbed 3 of these last time, (for 17.99? I think so) one for me two for gifts. I think they’re great.

here’s a discussion from the last time … http://www.cpfmarketplace.com/mp/showthread.php?t=215010

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Bought this for 22.99 plus shipping a while back. I’m about to buy this one also. The best headlight I’ve ever used. I use it for work and also mountain biking at night. Works well when its raining, the weight is nice, I also use the red light when I’m night fishing. Works great.

Can’t wait to have two.

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100 lumens. Pretty bright for a cheap LED. That’s brighter than my surefire g2.

WOW just what I needed. Starting my correspondence coarse in gynecology.

Thank goodness it’s a Professional LED headlight, because there’s nothing I hate more than those amateur LED headlights.

I also bought one of these off Woot, or was it a Woot Off.
After using this once, I threw my old headlight in the trash.
I use it for taking care of my dogs after dark. Lights up the area as well as most flashlights and it is hands free!

I also bought one of these the last time I saw they were up. The lights aren’t bright enough to sear one’s retinas, but they’re decent.

The lamp is pretty heavy though. The battery pack on the back kind of weighs down your head after awhile.

Also if you haven’t watched the YouTube video they put up yet it’s definitely worth a look.

Last time it was on Woot: http://www.woot.com/Forums/ViewPost.aspx?PostID=3790185

Great for reading, spelunking.

Cree XR-E is a very good LED, so this should be pretty good. And to the above who scoffed because they own a surefire, this thing probably has a better led. I would buy this if I had the moolah, oh well.

I wooted this awhile ago and find it to be an excellent headlight. I’m not sure what the pipe-inspection light is really used for, but the red light is great, as is the brightness of the main lamp.

My only quibble(s) would be that it’s a tad heavy, pushes down my hair where the middle band is (making some sort of weird negative mohawk) and, when adjusted tightly, creates these weird little crease lines where the lamp part presses against the forehead.

Still, I wish I hadn’t JUST ordered a couple of (probably inferior) headlights from steepandcheap like an hour ago. These are slightly less here and I know they’re very functional.

haha another cpfer! That’s actually my thread!

Well, the build on this IS exceptionally sturdy…
unlike a lot of headlamps out there
(and ALL in this price range)

Wow. I’m actually wearing one of these right now taking a break from late-night home spring cleaning. These things are great - if only for the weight distribution with the battery in the rear and light in the front. Fits more like a hat than a headlamp. Plenty bright and the red/green LED option comes in handy for keeping your night vision. Never heard of the green light / pipe correlation but who knows.

I’ve personally got two of these from the last Woot and can recommend them. I use them more often than you would think. Also very nice to have for PC repair if that’s your bag.


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