Energizer Hard Case Professional LED Headlight

is this the crap?

how about some new stuff please?


I see the light; I don’t buy the light.

This is a repeat, isn’t it?

Bright and Useful. A good Buy.

Now if I could only wear it before purchase so I could find my credit card inside my cardboard box mancave


How many watts?


Great item! I love mine. My wife wears it regularly.

I bought this the last time it was on for $17.99 a bit big but definitely bright and comfortable to wear, had an opportunity to use these during a power outage a few weeks ago, it was quite handy.

Anyone else having problems with wooters.us?

$3 cheaper than last time

These things are awesome. Well, except for the reverse mohawk the top strap causes. Still, great light and weight distribution.

Wish i didn’t order two other headlights a week ago :frowning:

Ohhh this would be so good with hubby’s pretend hazmat suit. Cheap enough too. Hmmmm.

Also, my Woot order from yesterday shipped already. Wow.

It’ll be fun. I look forward to not having a life for the next two weeks.

Given the recent events at the mine in West Virginia, this is in really bad taste. Not funny, Woot!

great for caving