Energizer Hard Case Professional LED Headlight

Shouldn’t this be a ‘Head Light’?

they said “mount behind” heehee. Staying up for three days makes me crazy.

I always wanted one of these!!! But I will wait another decade to buy it.

The write-up is in bad taste considering the biggest mining disaster in the US recently occurred.

I have the “non professional” LED headlights made by energizer, and I love them. I’d probably like these more because they are probably brighter, but it makes DIY auto repair much easier!

awful taste in comments Woot

Daily Steals yesterday:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
FREE - New 2 Pack 7 LED Super Bright Water Resistant Adjustable Head Lamp With 2 Illumination Modes Solid And Flashing

(4.99 shipping) making woot’s ~300% more expensive. Sorry woot, I less than 3 you

absolutely the best head lamp ive ever owned! i use it all the time! low battery consumption, Very durable, multiple light modes, and a screen to spread the light rather than focus it in a beam, if you want it to.

Been off for a while. I didn’t miss the Brain full Of Crack did I?

Writeup is just a little distasteful so soon after a recent major mine accident… FAIL.

watt you say

I own one of these. In one word “Awesome”. IMHO

It might be a hare soon for this joke woot. . .

night bbq, FTW

Bought 2 of these when they were on sellout.woot last week. Not in for any more, as they haven’t even arrived yet.

very tasteless write-up considering the recent horrific mine disaster… bad, bad, woot :frowning:


I think the “trapped in the mine” narrative with this item is showing pretty poor taste at this point in time. Hey Woot, wish you had thought this one through before you published.

Yup! The one good thing, is this demonstrates that seeding is meaningless. Stats on paper are meaningless. What matters is what happens at game time. Most people had Caps in 5. And it almost happened… It should be a fun few weeks!

I’m going to go ahead and throw the “too soon” flag on the description. Hasn’t it only been like three weeks? If that? I realize it’s probably just recycled from the last time this was for sale, but c’mon…

Sorry West Virginia.