Energizer Hard Case Professional LED Headlight

professional use only

first, I mean SECOND!!

professional use only

Why are these being sold allover the place?

seems like a good time to scratch my butt



more stalker gear, yes! and i just opened a new bag of jerky. I’m totally getting this to go with my knife, marinator, and the toothbrush cleaner from kids.woot!

again fail

I’m a caver, so these are useful.

However, I bought a better one from REI.

Dangit, I want THREE.

Sold out… wha…

Got one of these for Christmas last year. I have used 0 times so far. I assume it was better in thought than it was in reality.

Oh, darn.

Birth control in its simplest form… No thanks

Why would I buy these if I just bought a nice night-vision monoscope?

wipe your face, egg all over it

I got a pair of these when they were last up on Woot. They’re fantastic for theatre work; the red light is perfect for working in the dark without ruining your night vision

Got this on a previous woot, the headlamp works well I have no complaints except that it leaves wavy marks on your forehead after use…

Bought two a few Woot-offs ago. I love this headlamp. Very bright, well made. Many other people comment on how bright it is, and the light spread with the lens up is really wide. A little on the heavy/bulky side, but still highly recommended.