Energizer Light on Demand Twin Light Center

What are the lumens on these?

The manufacturer’s website and the user manual.

one word: versatile
looks pretty handy

when compared to the big ‘G’, this is a great price.

not sure but the link I just posted says 28 lumens

So it has an AC wall-wart, and then you mount this on the wall separately?

Humph. I’d like it better if it just went straight into an outlet (or two) like a regular nightlight. No extra screw holes in the wall that way.

Found this:

Area - 56 Lumens per light stick

Here: http://www.opticsplanet.net/energizer-light-on-demand-twin-light-center-lodlc2by.html

Seems like a good price after doing some net research. Plus, I could actually use one.

Buy.com has the 4 light version for $24.99 with free shipping. That kit includes 3 area lights and 1 dual light.

The Wall Nightlight (the one that plugs directly into an outlet) was recalled due to fire hazard. The night light portion “could” overheat and cause a fire… funny, I thought LED’s were relatively “cool” lights

Weve got flashlights all around the house for emergencies, but a light that comes on automatically with a power outage would be a good thing.

It aint no Bag of Crap, but in for 1…

“Are they energy-star compliant?”

Color: White
Power Source: One NiMH 850mAh 3.6V Battery Pack or
Three “AAA” per light stick
ANSI/NEDA: 24 Series (“AAA”)
Lamp: Eleven White LEDs (Total)
Lamp Life: Lifetime
outage, Ext. Power Supply: 700mA 6V, Energy Star approved
Me™ light helps locate your lighting
center. The sticks can also use AAA
• Use included battery
pack or 3 AAA batteries
• One light stick turns on
when power goes out
Lamp Output: Area - 56 Lumens per light stick
Spot - 28 Lumens, Nightlight 14 Lumens
Typical Weight: 566.2 grams (1 lb. 3.97 oz.)
Dimensions (in): 7.00 x 6.25 x 1.88


Anyone here actually have this? I would like to know if we can use rechargeable AAA batteries.

Why wouldn’t you be able too?

The one from Buy looks nice, and is slightly cheaper on a per-light basis if you’re looking to get 4 lights.

But our application would be one upstairs near our bedrooms and one downstairs in the kitchen. Spending a little more to have two different stations, plus getting 2 dual lights instead of one, might be the tipping factor.

Dunno. Gonna sleep on it.

Sure sparse on details considering post.

Are you saying this set was recalled? And if so, was it fixed?

I can’t imagine Woot is selling fire hazards. Do you have links regarding the recall?

This is just what I was looking for kids and when my mom stays over.

Plug them in (mount them on wall with screws (or get yourself suction cups like the ones shower mirrors use or you don’t want to mount it, you can rest on counter or shelf)

  • use as nightlight when you want (unit itself lights on) - but the best feature is when the lights go out (power outage) the left removable light goes on - (yes you have to put it back)

If the power outage is extended (longer than 5 hrs) - put in AAA

Got 3 (for each bathroom) in the north
And for each of the kids bedroom down south

Love it.

Can you read by one of these? Whether it’s 28 or 56 lumens, that doesn’t seem like much. A 60 watt bulb is 800 lumens.

If you can’t read by one, could you read by both?