Energizer Max 9V Alkaline - 10 9V

Poor packaging; they rattled around in a shoe box-sized box, having fallen out of the light weight, partially constructed small 3x3 inner box. No packing materials at all. One of the batteries had swelled and is unusable. We’ll see how the others work.

Hi there. Features did say they would be bulk packaging.

But pls contact our customer service about the bad battery. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

I haven’t tested mine yet, but this is how they arrived:


Some scuffs on the batteries. I think all the +/- contacts are intact, but I didn’t have a chance to check closely.
Over-sized box could be forgiven, but absolutely NO package filler to prevent these heavy batteries from flying around inside the box.
The AAA batteries I ordered were just shipped in their own (well-taped) bulk box which worked out a lot better than this.

9 volt batteries ordered Monday, delivered Wednesday undamaged in overpack with plain cardboard inner package. Very fast service.

My 9V battery arrived today, bad packaging like the earlier poster… the worse is one of the battery expanded… see the middle one! Poor quality and I already replaced 4 of my fire alarms… Is this safe?


Sorry can’t attach the image!