Energizer MAX Alkaline-50AA/50AAA

These are cheaper than even the Kirkland battery packs at Costco.

Ok so I received this item today and I was totally disappointed and surprised at the packaging! The batteries were put loosely into a cardboard box! That’s rt! I literally had to separate the AA from the AAA and then count to make sure I had the right number. 4 short of 50 for the AAAs. Then I had to place them in ziplock bags for storage! I have absolutely no idea if they are new or old! Extremely disappointed and will not purchase again!

I’m very sorry about the packaging. I’ll send feedback in so they can talk with the vendor.

They are new batteries. You should find the manufacture date and the best buy date printed on the batteries.

Yes, was not at all the packaging I expected (“Bulk packaging/White Box”). Instead they came in a cardboard package, with all the 49 (yep, one missing) AA’s loose, and 2 of the AAA’s mixed in. The other 48 AAA’s were in the kind of packaging I expected, 2 x 24 count manufacturer bulk packs, but everything inside the cardboard box. They even put some packing peanuts in to take up the space where the missing AA should have been :stuck_out_tongue:

I got 46 not 50 AA batteries and they distinctly look used.

I’m sorry.
Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Seems Like a trend here! They shorted me 3 batteries. If they do that to every customer look at the amount they can save…I guess they do not know how to count.

Just received mine. The packaging is awful. I wouldn’t even call it packaging. The details stated “bulk” packaging, but that usually doesn’t mean “loose in the box”. Disappointed.