Energizer MAX Alkaline Batteries-100 AA

What is the expiration date on these batteries?

From the description: “Best by December 2026”

$16 for 48 at a local SamsClub.

So…you’re saying this is a good deal.

Amazonbasic and AC Delco still are the best value per battery. Wondering if there is much difference performance wise

As I go around the house replacing dead batteries, I find that more Alkaline Energizers have leaked than any other brand.

Apparently the others have figured out to prevent an exhausted battery from leaking.

70% off my butt. No way have these ever been a dollar a piece.

Did anyone else have a problem with their order? I only received 67 out of the 100 batteries and they arrived loose in a shipping box. Two of the batteries had large dents in them.