Energizer MAX Alkaline Batteries

I heard the energizer bunny was arrested, and charged with battery.

You can walk into Costco and buy 80 Duracell AA batteries for $30 or I can buy 50 Energizer AA off of woot for $40 (after shipping). C’mon woot.


or how about this deal:
Rayovac Model # 815-24PPF Internet # 206094250 Store SKU # 1001402941 Alkaline AA Battery (24-Pack) for $4.88


Actually the Woot offer is 100 AA for $35 or $40 with shipping. I am partial to Energiser…

My bad, your right. I didn’t realize the 50AA/50AAA was a combo pack till I looked at it closer, I thought it was a choice of either or. That’s nearly not as bad as I thought it was, but it’s still no exceptional deal. I can walk into Fry’s Electronics and get 100 AA alkaline (their brand) for like $18-$20. Grant it that the Fry’s brand won’t last as long as the Energizers (probably about 80%), but they don’t leak and they’re about half the price. Mostly what I use them for is remotes and kids toys, so they are perfectly fine for me.

I’m just saying this isn’t any special deal. You can get Energizer batteries off of Amazon at anytime for $39.50/100 AA. The industrial are the same thing, they are just packaged differently.


No, he’s right. You can get 50 AA for $35. His woot rage just led him to miss the free 50 AAA batteries that came with that deal.

His last point stands. If you don’t care about name brand, you can still get Rayovac, ACDelco, Amazon brand for around 30-40% less per battery.

I don’t need confirmation from you to tell me my last point stands. If you read my reply you would have noticed that I acknowledged my mistake.

I wasn’t confirming for your ego, but for other wooters. Sorry it came off that way.