Energizer MAX Alkaline Batteries

I can get 48-packs of Energizer/Duracell (whatever they carry at the time) AA and AAA batteries at Sam’s Club for around $18. This doesn’t seem like a good deal, at least for the smaller packs. I didn’t do the math for those massive packs.

Or get AmazonBasics batteries. The 100 pack on Woot is 41 cents per battery after shipping. The AmazonBasics batteries are 31 cents per AAA battery (36 pack) or 28 cents per AA battery (48 pack).

Anyone else notice that the price in the drop down list is different than the listed price?

Yes I did. I was going to order some, but may hold off to see if they fix it.

If your talking about Duracells, 48 pk at SAMS for 18.00, you can have them. By the time you replace the devices they ruin from leakage, your better off paying the extra for Energizers. Not sure what’s up with Duracell’s but the past 3 years, I’ve had to toss flashlights, radios (hand helds) and some other items because they leak pretty bad. I’ve stopped buying them, don’t recommend them and will never buy them again. Even the ultras (the red duracells leak). I found 2 in a pack of 24 that had buildup on the positive end’s and they were still in a unopened package during my annual inspection of emergency supplies. I took them back to costco and they gave me back my money (taped the receipt to the back for date verification). Just not a duracell fan. Energizers have been pretty good. Don’t seem to last as long but at least they don’t eat the devices they power.

I had the same experience with Energizer. I switched to Duracell and have had no leaks except when you buy the super cheap packs at places like microcenter. I wish I knew what the difference was. Also, I have found that all batteries eventually leak when checked at the airport - must be the temperature or pressure or something.

I’ve pretty much switch everything over (except 9 volts) to engergizers. Not had any leaks yet but time will tell. The thing I learned the hard way. I was replacing some smoke detector batteries and I tossed one in my pocket w/o checking what else was in the pocket. About a couple minutes later, I felt something hot in my pocket. Guess 9volt battery and loose changed don’t mix well.