Energizer MAX Alkaline Batteries

It states the Energizer batteries are guaranteed for one year. It also shows the best if used by dates for the different size batteries.

It seems to me the best if used by dates are meaningless if the guarantee is only for one year.

On the Duracell batteries I use it states the batteries are guaranteed fresh through the date stamped on them. In most cases it is around 9-10 years.

Each time I have bought batteries - or a friend from woot - regardless of the brand, they have been garbage.

You bought a friend from woot?! That’s awesome! . . . Too bad he was garbage. What brand is this person? I want to be sure and not buy a dud, if they sell them again. I have enough loser friends.

Hey now! All of the friends we sell are absolutely premium. Sure, they may have some cosmetic defects, but all of their friendship functions are top of the line.

I’ve bought AA and AAA before and they worked as expected.

I just ordered some, but AAA instead of the AA I meant. Ah well, now I’ve got a decent set of AAA’s on hand.

Any chance there’s more AA in stock?