Energizer Night Strike LED Swivel Light

I’ve given this light about a years worth of regular use on oil rigs and it has performed well. Very rugged and bright light! I haven’t found much use for all the extra colored and UV lights though.

Holy crap, that’s an expensive little flashlight! Someone please explain - what creates $90 worth of value for this device? Just curious.

lighting up Blood Trails of course

always a fan of a good flashlight. I own more than a few energizer light products and I am very happy with them. Definitely in for one

Do I need this? No.

Do I want this? Hell yes!

In for two!!

After owning an Energizer Hard Case Tactical, I know that this will be great!! I actually think I still have the original batteries in my other Energizer, and it still works great!

I’ve own this flashlight for a while. It’s built to take a beating. Being able to use 1 or 2 batteries is definitely useful when trying to maximize the light in those times when you don’t have a spare set of batteries. The light will run dimmer on 1 battery as opposed to 2. Shadow puppets in different colors is a hit with the kids!
There’s 2 things I don’t like about this light. 1) The buttons are not labeled so you would either have to memorize which button was for which color or end up flipping them all on one at a time to find the color you’re looking for . 2) the “lock out” feature is more of a kill switch then an accidental power on prevention feature. When set to the middle, everything powers off and stays off. There has been times when I forgot about this and tried to turn the light on without first flipping the switch to the right (flipping to the left turns the UV light only.)
Nice intro video from Amazon
4.6/5 stars Avg there too.

Looks like it can output a maximum of 100 lumens. Not bad but not super bright if you’re thinking it will light up a wide path for you during your jog on a wet night.
Lumen Master 150 and 200 lumen models are where you want to go if you want a lot of light and use rechargeable batteries because it can draw a lot of energy.

Looks like COD Blops2 Tactical insert…

How does this compare to the hardcase tactical? I’ve been wanting to buy another one since I got my first flashlight. (It is AWESOME)

well, I’m not sure if it’s worth $90, but then, that’s not what they’re selling it for…

The LED used is a CREE and it is the go to LED for high quality flashlights. 27.99 is a pretty good price considering the features, thought I didn’t see which CREE LED they use and couldn’t find it anywhere I looked, most flashlight makers a very proud to tell you which Cree LED they use, so I would imagine this is not one of the high end LEDs.

for reference the Mini Mag Maglight outputs about 15 lumens and uses two AA batteries.

If you don’t need all the “extra” stuff you can get a small single AAA that outputs around 100 lumens for this price. I carry the Fenix LD01 in my pocket all the time, I wear it like a pocket knife with it’s clip, that’s a 72 lumen light with three brightness settings (3, 26, and 72).

countycomm has a Maratac single AAA flashlight that outputs 115 lumens. $25. [youtube=8lppy3atvPg&list=UU7cugp50N4jp_SaSVCEKAUg&index=19&feature=plcp][/youtube]

If you search amazon for “4sevens preon 1” (single AAA) there is a yellow one for $28 with prime shipping. 4sevens is a high end flashlight maker, this one has a 70 lumen LED and 7 modes Low, Medium, High, Strobe, SOS, Beacon (Hi), Beacon (Lo).

How many lumens does a light saber output? I need comparable or better.

Those were for sale over the weekend on kids.woot.

Blue for lighting blood trails? Why, it’s the perfect stocking stuffer for the hard-to-buy-for serial killer on your Christmas gift list.

My thought pattern was pretty much the same!

Seriously? I supposed you think deer fall exactly where you shoot them and raise an orange flag so you can find them…

Easy way to mount this to a bike?

Given the name, I thought it was a taser - would have bought it, if it was…
Bah, humbug.

Well that just destroys my mental image of hunting. (Kidding.)

It looks like a cool light, if I needed one. But I don’t. :frowning:

Ultraviolet is better, actually. Blood fluoresces under UV better. Perfect gift for hunters who need to follow blood trails to retrieve game. In for 2.