Energizer Night Strike LED Swivel Light



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Energizer Night Strike LED Swivel Light
$27.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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This seems like a strange container for a bag of crap…


This has been the woot-off of lights.
Emergency lights, flashlights, and automatic lights all day long.


and the crap that is not good keeps flowing


Blood trails?? EEEEUUUUUU!!!


“Blue for lighting blood trails”
Ok so this is related to the knife set.


Cheapest I can find, but I would never spend $30 on a flashlight… let alone $80.



Dexter is truly enjoying the woot-off.


What order?




The price is as high as it is because the LEDs are CREE LEDs. CREE is essentially the only brand name in LEDs, and they make LEDs much brighter and more consistently (less variation in color) than anyone else out there. My dad has a headlamp with a single CREE LED in it (and no additional LEDs) and it is easily 4 times brighter than my own headlamp that has 6 LEDs with a focusing lens. CREE LEDs are pretty great.

Next time you’re at the store and end up on the flashlight aisle, look on the back (sometimes front) of the LED flashlights. The ones that have CREE LEDs in them will advertise it and show off the logo. All of the other ones won’t even mention that a company made the LEDs to begin with.


Hmmm, does seem to be stalled. Email support@woot.com to see what’s up. I’ll ping them from this end too. Please include your woot username and order number for faster service.


I have a $150 LED tactical light that was given to me and I would say it is worth $150. Very very very bright.


K, thanks TT.


To the snow person in Ohio; I am basically in the middle of Wisconsin. We got ~2, maybe 3 inches of light fluffy snow. It is just tapering off now.

Just enough for the 16 year old neighbor to take out the mail box…

He could have used one of these since it was a ‘rural neighborhood mailbox cluster’. I think 16 boxes mounted on a steel post that he got stuck on.


I buy flashlights all the time, mostly ones from Chinese websites that are cheap but still work well. I also have many very expensive tactical lights for my gear. What I am getting at is I know my lights! I ordered one to test it out, I encourage the rest of you to power through this woot!


[sigh] I just want to buy a huge jar of olives…


Thanks. 2-4 additional inches on top of what we have is what the weather guy was saying, but they like to exaggerate. Oddly enough the boots I ordered from woot are apparently on WI now. They were stalled in Texas for 3 Days. After shipping on the 20th.
I hope I get them before Spring. :slight_smile: