Energizer Night Strike LED Swivel Light



This is one great light. I have others, but this one is one of the best.


At first glance I thought it was a taser, which would have been awesome.

Here is the Product Page

Seems to have some positive feedback from the few reviews posted.


A little pricy isn’t it?


One thing I’ve learned with woot!, on the 85 woots I had last month, my first month, you get what you pay for! Higher the price, BETTER quality and more options/features with the product… did you see what all this light does? If you’re a night fisherman/hunter, this is a steal… if not, you may have to justify the extra cost for the added features… or, you could just say HEY, one day I may need to track urine or blood… what the heck… I need one! :slight_smile:


yeah, blue light for finding blood! I am certainly in for 3!CSI Miami right here!


Is it odd that it is an Energizer light and no-name batteries?


These come with 2 ENERGIZER LITHIUM batteries! Kinda hard to see in pic, but possible if you look hard… very high quality batteries though :slight_smile:


I really like this light. I use it for working on computers at sneaky angles.


Great reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at amazon



Check out this nice little video run down of the product



Ooh, night vision… is that as cool as it sounds?


I was all set to jump on this. Until I read the part about not using the UV mode at the Holiday Inn Express. I travel 100% for work. And stay at the H.I.E. 3 nights a week. Shudder.


These are fantastic and probably the best flashlight I’ve bought so far. I just bought 2 more for back up. I work in HVAC and these are much better for me at lighting the area in the ceiling on the unit I am working at than hauling around the big bulky Dewalt 18V incandescent lights that don’t last very long. That is a huge plus for me in itself already not having to carry the Dewalt light. It’s much easier to carry two AA in my pocket than to carry a spare 18V XRP battery. I usually set it on top of the unit and swivel the head down or set it behind me on the ceiling tiles. I change the batteries about every other day (I use rechargeables). It’s already survived the drop test 3 times and still works fine. The only damage is cosmetic at the bottom where it cut and chipped up the rubber a bit. Haven’t tested the water proofing and don’t plan too. If I do, it will be by accident. The only weak point I can see (and others have noted in reviews) is the swiveling itself seems flimsy but it’s held up so far being used almost every work day. I haven’t really needed to use the other light options yet but it’s nice to know it’s there if I ever do. If you don’t plan on using this regularly then the price will be hard to justify especially if it’s not on sale.


No, it’s just light through a red filter. It preserves your night vision. Your eyes take about 20-30 minutes to adjust to darkness, so any sudden light will cause you to lose your night vision until your eyes readjust.

We used red filtered light in the Marines to read maps at night, etc. When patrolling at night, it’s pretty important to protect your night vision. For more information, look up “dark adaption.”


It looks like it clips on as well. Any owners verify this? Thanks.

~edit: I just read some reviews and it does indeed. disregard


I have this light and it works great


Anybody have an idea what wavelength the UV is? Or are there any warnings with the light about extended exposure to the UV? Typically the wavelengths that really make bodily fluids fluoresce are harmful to the eyes.

Another use for UV is counterfeit money detection.