Energizer NiMH Battery Charger with 4 AA Batteries

$20 at Amazon

Woot is now catering to the GREEN environmentalists after they offered up those 50-packs of disposable miniusb chargers earlier. Nice.

BUY BUY BUY!! Save the planet!

Hella price - no more buying 48 packs of AA batteries.

I just bought one. To clear things up. It says 4AA but in package contents it says 2AA and 2AAA. Great deal. Thanks woot.


Do we need interchangeable faceplates for a battery charger?


I just bought three (more) of these. They’re surprisingly handy and I never buy AA batteries any more. The cost is about the same as just the batteries at the store.

I noticed that too. Decided I didn’t care tho. Either way they’ll get used. It would be nice to know which is right tho.


We use these Energizer NiMH batteries with our digital camera, and we love them. They hold a charge much longer than any non-rechargeable battery, and we’ve taken over 300 pictures on one charge before.

paid 12 for one of these in the store.can’t see how anyone couldn’t be in for 3

i got it then i saw it said 2 aaa. snarfus. i need all aa!

in for 3

I’ve tried about 4 or 5 brands of rechargeable batteries over the years and Energizer is the flakiest. Do I have this particular model/package? No, and I won’t risk buying it either.

Hmmm, who would have thought 4AAs were such an erotic package…

So…“with 4 AA batteries” and “2 AA/2 AAA” are the same thing?

I would have been FURIOUS if I’d ordered this and it didn’t match the title. I don’t need rechargeable AAAs; was just about to jump on this until I caught the full description. Way to suck, Woot.

What exactly is the secret of nimh?

In for 2, but can the proof reader at woot figure out what is what??? It says 4 AA batteries but the description says 2 AA and 2 AAA

8.5 hours? What a waste of time and electricity.

Yes, yes we do.

im considering using my… alternate woot account and get more… but thats not fair.