Energizer Rechargeable 3-Watt LED Flashlight Kit

What kind of battery does this have? NiCd? NiMH? Li? Makes a big difference on how it’s going to work and how long it will last.

ah. two posts up. NiMH. Not bad choice. Should outlast the LED, which, from what I read, will last about 100hrs before fading off into oblivion.

Here i read the woot description for you…


* Bright 3 Watt LED delivers 80 lumens and is 21 times brighter than standard 5mm LED bulbs
* Take with you anywhere; packed with home and car chargers
* Durable, weatherproof machine high strength aluminum case
* Rechargeable 100’s of times w/NiMH batteries
* Includes Red and Green interchangeable lens covers
* Runs 80 minutes when fully charged
* Dimensions (Unit): 6.5" x 1.5" (L x W)
* Dimensions (Package): 10.5” x 6.8” x 2.4” (L x W x H)
* Weight (Unit): 1.2 lbs

Woot is listing this as 80 lumen output. I have seen these in stores before, plus you can see it on the package. It clearly states 50 lumen output, and not 80. The 80 on the package is throw distance of beam.
Still, for $13, it is a good deal.

The red lens is also useful for flying at night, it won’t contract your pupils as much as white light allowing for better night vision.

A guy reviewed it here but don’t bother registering to see the attachment like I did, it looks like a stock photo.

I actually used to own this very flashlight, lost it under a house about a year ago (I work for an exterminator), and was very sad to go back to my maglite. Paid $45 plus tax at the time.

Very solid feel to it, just the right size to fit in your hand nicely, little bit heavy to hold in your mouth. BRIGHT. BRIGHT. BRIGHT. Easily equivalent to a 3-D maglite in near field, not quite as much range though, and no way to focus the beam, though it does have a nice double-pattern.

The lens colors are just colored plastic in a rubber housing, just slips over the end and the rubber holds them on. Never had one fall off on me, only ever used the red one though.

I used mine daily for almost 6 mos. and the batteries still held about 45 minutes of charge when I lost it.

I’m in for two.

THANK YOU, actual owner person. You truly deserve a Quality Post for that.

I am concerned about 2 things, hope you can opine on them:

  1. NiMH (unless they are the new kind) do not hold a charge while sitting in the drawer, so did you plug this thing in and then grab it when you needed it, or did you recharge it regularly or what?

  2. 85 minutes (or whatever it stated) is a horribly short run time for LED flashlights. You say this is really bright, is that worth the short run time?

I have several Princeton LED flashlights that cost about the same after shipping is added in, and they take replaceable AAA batteries. When I use NiMH, I get about 24 hours of use before the light output dims to less than I like.

Thanks, and I hope the mods see your post.

85 minutes is actually a respectable run time for a small light this bright. Battery life is dependent on battery size (of course) and current draw. The brighter the light, the higher the current draw. This light uses a Luxeon LED, which is an earlier generation source, but inexpensive and reliable. I’ve read of some reliability problems with the Energizer flashlight, but for the price, it’s a lot of bang for the buck. I have a smaller 2AAA light with over twice the output, but it uses the newer Cree emitter and cost more than 3 times as much. At it’s peak output (it’s adjustable), useable battery life is about 80 minutes.
Un-used, the Li-Ion have a discharge rate of about 10% per month, but that’s disconnected. Connected as they are here, that’s probably closer to 30%. Hey, just throw them on the charger every now and then These batteries don’t suffer from the memory effect like the old NiCads.

As I said, I used this for work, so I just kept the flashlight plugged in in my truck when It was not in use. Probably could have gotten better battery life if I’d used smarter recharge cycles.

I felt the trade off of brightness-size-runtime was very adequate, and compares only slightly unfavorably to what you’d get out of a surefire of similar size with rechargeable batteries.

However I wasn’t using it in situations that required long runtime, I never generally spent more than 30 minutes with it on. If you want something that’ll last you all night, look elsewhere.

For the money, even at 50 lumen and LED it’s a deal. I carry a Surefire non LED (well over $100 or even more in the LED version) and with the 60 lumen bulbs ($27) it eats batterys ($20 a box for Surefire CR123 batterys which you need because they are vented and won’t explode)

However, my Surefire will shoot a sharp beam like a spot light to 100 yards easily. 30-50 feet and you have 4’ clean, bright circle.

If this one comes even close, it should be great for something to keep in the car/truck if you only need it for light, especially with the charger. (my Surefire also has flesh removing capability on both ends as well as a momentary tail cap switch which makes holding it in conjunction with a pistol very easy and functional)

I think I’m in for a couple of these!

I too, have one of the flashlights and I love it. It is very bright. The beam easily reaches 150 - 200 ft when fully charged. When it starts getting dim, I charge it overnight. The bad thing is that I paid $50 for it at walmart. I am considering getting a couple more at this price.

If only I could find that car charger…

in for three, i’m a flashlight wh0re.

thanks for all the good info, in for one

Is this bulb a Cree, Nichia, Luxeon or ?


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Does the car charger eat up watts just by having it plugged in? If I keep the flashlight always plugged in the car, and I don’t drive the car for a few weeks, will my car battery poop out?

Took long enough. LOL Mine are already here. They were packed like they were headed around the world on a tanker. Fantastic!

They’re bigger than I expected but still a nice size and beats the hell out of a big flashlight. Although I don’t think they’re as heavy as the specs say. A lot bigger than my Surefire but I had no fantasy that these would take the crown away from it.

They’re charging right now so I can say about the light, but from the one that had a little charge, I was surprised at the beam. I’m impressed so far, and for the money, and being rechargeable as well as appearing to be pretty durable, they’ll be great as a permanent truck light and maybe even 1 on the boat, if it doesn’t stay at the house. Hmm, maybe I shoulda got 3. LOL

EDIT: Got them charged and I’m impressed. A good Woot!!

As said, this is a 50 lumen flashlight instead of 80. Not too bad, but just went to my local costco and saw that they had 2 150 lumen flashlights w/CREE LEDs for $20. For that much more power, I might have been able to live w/o the rechargeability, but then, I already have a whole bunch of non-rechargeable flashlights.

I’m very pleased with these flashlights. This is my 2nd Energizer branded flashlight. Build quality is good IMHO for the money. Good woot… SmartPost kick some ass this time.