Energizer Rechargeable 3-Watt LED Flashlight Kit

That makes 3 TV’s 2 lights 2 MP3s and a guitar! Great Wootoff so far.

I didn’t know they began it again. Weird.

Unless it’s used daily or weekl, a rechargeable flashlight based on NiMH batteries is not a good idea. NiMH batteries self-drain so by the time you need it, the batteries may be empty although you had stored it fully charged. Leaving it plugged into the wall is a waste of money and it wears out the batteries. A flashlight based on AA or AAA batteries is a better idea. You can get them on eBay for about $1.50. I recently bought a 20 watt flashlght that users 3 AA batteries for less than $5 including s/h. We did some infoirmal testing and it really does output approx 20 watts.

If its a 20 watt flash light, then its a bulb flashlight. Which basically means it sucks. Its not about the wattage of a light, its about the lumens…

I’d like to know in what way that output was tested. Light output is measured in Lumens, light generating device (incandescent or LED) power used is measured in watts. 20W is not practical for AA-size non-secondary cells (rechargeable cells). The amp draw is way too high to allow the cell voltage to be maintained for more than a few seconds (alkaline primary cells). Remember, watts = volts X amps. 20W, when developed from three 1.5V cells (~4.5V) means 4.45A was being drawn from them. Ah, no, sorry. Using NiCad or NiMH cells, 4.5A is no sweat but the run time is calculable and limited.

Lesson over.

BTW, I currently own two of these rechargeable lights and love’m.

There’s a simple ‘trick’ to keeping them charged without overcharging the pack. Just plug the charger (AC type) into a 24hr ‘Time-All’ power timer unit and set the timer for the shortest increment possible, usually 30min. Every 24 hours the charger will top up the battery pack without the usual overcharging they normally experience. If you’ve drained the pack way down, just manually turn on the timer’s output and plan for a 10hr powered period before the 30min / 24hr cycle starts again. This works for all “dumb” cordless device rechargers.

i got this flashlight when it was on wootselloff , it has been a great flashlight , just the right size to carry in back pocket , what was cost? it was 12.99 on selloff